Support the survivors of the Uttarakhand tragedy

Lives were lost and many have gone missing after a deadly glacial burst triggered a huge flood that burst open a dam on the Rishiganga river, in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district.

The incident that took place on February 7, 2021, has destroyed the surrounding areas, with an estimated damage of ₹1,500 crore to infrastructure. But what has devastated the people of the state is the loss of lives - the death toll has climbed to 32 - and 197 people are still missing. The numbers are only rising.

As an immediate response to the disaster and to provide relief material to the displaced in 30 villages, Grofers is joining hands with GiveIndia and their NGO partners. Together we can help the victims of Uttarakhand glacial burst rebuild their lives. With your support we can provide the disaster-stricken people with :

Health services: The health teams are both at the rescue site of Tapovan (site of the dam/power-plant that was devastated) and Raini village (first casualty village of the glacier burst), with trained medical professionals. They are providing services such as first aid, ECG check, X-Ray, oxygen supply and medicines at both locations:

Trauma counselling: Women volunteers are constantly spending time with the affected communities trying to provide solace and counselling to reduce their grief and bring back normalcy in their lives. With more than 30 affected villages, more than 60 team members are currently engaged in these services.

Food supplies: With regular supply lines cut, and some houses destroyed, food and water are being distributed along with other basic supplies to 350+ individuals, twice a day, across five locations.

Support the victims of Chamoli disaster


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